We are a major supplier of bait to all types of fishermen in Hawaii. Our daily prices are too competitive to list on our web site. Climate variability, changing weather patterns, along with normal seasonal catch rates, influence both supply of baitfish and demand of baitfish by fishermen. Bait prices follow an economic curve of supply and demand. Contact us for the latest in bait price and availability.

Common & Scientific Names of Various Bait Species

Common Bait Names Scientific Bait Names
North Atlantic Mackerel / Japan Saba Scomber Scombras
Pike Mackerel / Japanese Sanma Cololabis Saira
Sardine Sardinella longiceps

West Coast Sardine Sardinops Sagax

Australian Pilchard Sardinops neopichardus
Mackerel Scad / Muro Aji / Opelu Decapterus Macrosoma
Squid / Market squid / Calamar / Ika Loligo opalescens

Squid / Argentine Illex Illex
Anchovies Engrawlis

Bait Sold

POP Fishing & Marine specializes in importing bait processed in various locations throughout the Pacific. Every lot is thawed, inspected and graded upon arrival by our trained staff before being released for sale. Although we try extremely hard to offer the best quality product, sometimes it is not available and our customers will have to settle for a lower grade product. Should we have any lower grade or “palu”-grade product, these lots are usually offered at a substantially discounted rate.

Anchovies – Anchovies are normally packed in a 25lb. bulk pack mainly used for chum either chopped or whole. Every case may contain some pieces that are sturdy enough to be used as whole baits for palu-ahi style fishing. We import only the Sea Wave brand from the West Coast, which has been a brand that has set the standard among Hawaii fishermen for years. Very oily – watch your step as your deck will be slick if chopping on board. Quality could range between A grade which would be the equivalent to food quality product (and therefore sturdy enough to stay on the hook for a prolonged length of time.) to B grade which is an okay product. Current retail pricing is between $0.45-$0.65/lb. We may be lucky enough from time to time to find some IQF product processed out of the Pacific Northwest although these can be double – quadruple the costs of the standard Monterey packs.

Ballyhoo (Ihe Ihe) – Although this product is readily available as bait in areas such as Florida and the Gulf States, this bait is not usually available in retail outlets in Hawaii. You may occasionally find smaller fishing tackle stores that sell frozen bait with this product or purchase them off of fishermen catching them off of the docks in the harbor areas. Some fishermen catch ballyhoo to sell to the local charter fleet but you may have difficulty locating these persons.

Mackeral – Usually packed in 22lb.-50lb. cases. Also known as saba, can be used as whole, chunk, chum or trap bait. Sizes can range between 70-600 grams per piece with the smaller 70-150 gram sizes preferred for mahimahi bait. Larger sizes usually chunked for trap fishing bait. Retail pricing can vary from $0.50-$1.25/lb.

Saba – A type of mackeral, saba is usually packed in a 22lb. handlaid or semi-handlaid Japanese processed product. Primarily used for whole mahimahi bait. Also known as mackeral, can be used as chunk, chum or trap bait. Sizes can range between 70-600 grams per piece with the smaller 70-150 gram sizes preferred for mahimahi bait. Larger sizes usually chunked for trap fishing bait. Retail pricing from $0.50-$1.25/lb.

Sanma – Also known as pike mackeral, used for bottomfish cut bait, palu (chum) or whole bait for tuna or mahimahi. Usually packed in a 22lb. handlaid or semi-handlaid cases. Usually packed/processed in Japan or Taiwan. Like the anchovy, very oily. Watch your step. A-B grade. Retail pricing ranges from $0.70-$1.25/lb.

Sardines - Used for as chum or whole bait for palu-ahi style fishing. Depending upon quality. Sizes range from anchovy-size 15 gram to jumbo 200 gram with the average packs ranging from 40-100grams. Sardines originating out of the Pacific Northwest are usually very oily like sanma or anchovies. Sardines processed further down the coast (California – Mexico) usually have a lower oil content. A/B grade with a retail price range of $0.45 - $0.95/lb.

Squid (IKA) - Sold in 5lb. box or master 30lb. case containing 6 – 5lb. boxes. Used for bottomfishing bait cut or whole, mahimahi or shorecasting. West coast caught loligo species.

Shipping To Neighbor Islands

POP can ship bait to the neighbor islands but only within the following criteria/conditions:

  • Via barge/Young brothers (interisland): We ship only pallet quantities. A standard pallet usually consists of 77 - 22lb. (10kg.) cases but we can top off the pallet with an additional 28 cases to maximize the no. of units shipped (and also the maximum height of the pallet) thus lowering the freight costs per unit. Volume pricing discounts can be arranged – please contact us directly for pricing information. If mixed product is requested, we do not break down a full pallet of 77 units to accommodate any quantity of different product to make the pallet total 77 cases. (i.e., a customer requesting 50 cases sardines and 27 cases anchovies.) While we cannot accommodate this, we can add 28 cases of anchovies to a full pallet of 77 sardines to make it 105 cases.

  • Via Air Cargo – Hawaiian/Aloha Air cargo could be possible but the customer needs to keep in mind the following operating parameters:

Our bait is held in our main cold storage facility at zero degrees typically in 22lb. cases palletized usually 77cases per pallet. These cases are not individually bagged in plastic which may not meet some airline requirements that product needs to be individually packaged in plastic to prevent any possible meltdown drip. We cannot accommodate requests for special packaging (individual packing).

POP deliveries to the airport usually falls between 1:30pm and 3:30pm and are consolidated with other runs. We cannot accommodate requests for “special” runs if order is called in too late for our staff to prep order in time to make the run or to move the run up to an earlier time.

The customer needs to make freight arrangements with airline cargo office and find out the specific details:

  • What are packing / packaging requirements?

  • What is delivery cutoff time?

  • What is delivery date / time?

  • What time does terminal close at pick up end?

  • Does the airline have freezer storage or just chill room? 

Please make sure to communicate with the carriers cargo agent to go over the details as if our delivery gets rejected for any reason, our driver will be forced to return and your product will go back into cold storage. We do not issue refunds for bait/frozen/perishable product.

Bait requests via air cargo are a rare occurrence because of the logistics, freight and possible service charges involved so we do not know what the airline shipping requirements are for frozen product.

Will call for airlines – some neighbor islands customers pick up a case or two of bait and take it with them as check-in baggage. With a day notice, we can pack a case or two of bait in a box and hold it in our store freezer for will call. Some regular neighbor island customers request this service when and pick up the packed bait on their way to the airport. These orders must be called in at least a day ahead of time and prepaid via credit card before we pack the order. Some customers call in their orders and have someone else p/u on their way to the airport for them. Please keep in mind baggage limits of 50lbs. per piece and sometimes the case packs are not consistent at 22lbs. and may be +/- a few lbs.

Container loads drop shipped - We also specialize in drop-shipments of 20’-40’ containers of bait to any requested destination. Contact us for pricing and availability.