Who is POP?

In 1983, two commercial fishermen decided that after years on the open ocean wrangling fish, it was time to use their land legs, so they started a commercial fishing supply company called Pacific Ocean Producers. Sean Martin and Jim Cook operated their new business out of a small warehouse in Honolulu, serving commercial fishing operators throughout the Pacific. Soon the business reached across the Asia and South Pacific regions, establishing themselves as the largest exclusive distributor of Lindgren-Pitman gear, the worldwide leader in longline monofilament fishing technology.

Over the next several years, Pacific Ocean Producers continued to expand its inventory to serve not only commercial fishing operators in Hawaii, Asia, the South Pacific and Mexico, but also to a wider range including sport fishing, general boating, industrial marine, and most recently marine safety.

In March of 2008, Pacific Ocean Producers changed their name to POP Fishing & Marine. The new identity was a reflection of their evolution and growth to an expanding market while retaining familiarity with their valued core customers.

Sean and Jim attribute their success to one thing. A "hands-on" approach to business. From its beginning in the early 1980’s until today, POP’s basic philosophy has not wavered – the company is committed to the success of its customers.

"In the end, the most important aspect of our work is making sure the customer has reasonable expectations and achieves them. Anyone can sell equipment, and we have many competitors – but none of them have the experience we do – and that is what makes the difference.”

Sean Martin, President

"Selling fishing gear is a relatively small part of the success equation. Seeing that the gear is properly installed, providing the proper training to captains and crew members, and helping owners to successfully process and market their catches is where the work is. Our motivation to assist our customers is simple – we want them to survive, prosper and continue to be a customer for a long time."

Jim Cook – Vice President